Thank you for your interest in Picturebeam!
Picturebeam is a smart way to make professional photo search easier and faster. Picturebeam is based on real world experiences and that makes her intuitive and very easy to use. When you enter a search phrase, selected agency photo bases are searched and all relevant photos are presented in one easy-to-use list. This allows not only for faster and more convenient way of searching, but it also greatly improves the search performance by covering more sources at once. Another important feature of Picturebeam is its multi-lingual web-based interface that allows you to conveniently work from anywhere in the world at any time you feel like it. Read on to learn how this system works and what it can do for you. We are working on new features and improvements and will appreciate your input. If you'd like to try out the full Picturebeam access, why not take our no-obligation 14-day free trial offer today?

To start, logon is required - this keeps your data safe and also allows for special lightbox functions and sharing with your collegues. Free trial offer.

After logon our system connects you to your agencies and is ready to serve you. Lightbox is shown on the right-hand or left-hand side, based on your preferences.

You can pre-configure your agencies and their options for easier access, if you are interested in having an agency added, just let us know, we'll take care of technical details.

You can sort your agencies by their relevance or importance to you. Options for each agency can also be customizeto make your searches more efficient.

When searching, you can use our dictionary and a list of keywords. You can also enter empty search to view all the latest agency photos.

Results of your search are presented in one easy-to-use list that supports paging and links to photo preview. You can also add any photo to your current lightbox…

Photo preview is also available for photos from your lightbox. Preview is generated directly by the agency, which makes all agency-related links up-to-date.

Photos in your lightboxes can be worked with as a virtual agency or explored as folders which makes life much easier for larger photo batches.

The list of agencies supported by Picturebeam can be amended with agencies you need for your searches. You can also upload your own photos to your lightboxes or write texts and notes. We also offer internal archives that can store any type of files and their size is virtually unlimited. Special functions can be added upon request. Ready to try for yourself? Great, just ask for a no-obligation 14-day free trial access…

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